What is Perciplex?

We’re a group of technical consultants and makers of Reality as a Service.

What is Reality as a Service?

Reality as a Service or RaaS is a platform we built for testing OpenAI Gym controllers on real robots. We built a fleet of pendulum robots that you can run your controller on for free.

If you already have a Pendulum-v0 controller, it’s this easy to try RaaS:

import gym
import gym_raas

env = gym.make('RaasPendulum-v0')

for _ in range(1000):


Head over to raas.perciplex.com to access reality. Check out the docs here.

Who are you?

Max Declan Ben Phil
Maximilian King Declan Oller Ben Wiener Philip Zucker

What does the name Perciplex mean?

It’s a reference to a short story called Fader’s Waft by Jack Vance. The Perciplex is a MacGuffin chased by a group of selfish and mediocre wizards.

How do I contact you?

Feel free to send us an email at team@perciplex.com.

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